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UPDATE - Dear supporter/participant, Kimberley Sailing Inc. management team regrets to inform you that plans for the Inaugural Kimberley Regatta 2011 have had to be withdrawn. It was great to see so many people showing interest and registering for the event. Read more on our front page


If you would like to register your boat to participate in the Regatta please email us now with your mailing address. To protect your privacy we will mail you a basic form asking you for your personal information and boat information. When you have returned your signed for to us by mail you will be registered and eligible to participate in Kimberley Regatta events, receive discounts from supporting businesses, full touring guides and a range of other benefits. We can help you to find able crew and support you in fundraising to cover your costs.

Terms and Conditions. Kimberley Sailing Inc. requires that your vessel is of seaworthy condition with able skipper and crew. You are required to carry all applicable safety equipment and supplies to enable your passage from your chosen port to Broome Western Australia. Kimberley Sailing Inc. recommends that all vessels making passage to Broome Western Australia as part of the Kimberley Regatta 2011 have adequate insurance as all participants are to take part in the Regatta at their own risk.

Able crew seeking berths

If you are an able crew member who would like to be part of the regatta but do not have access to a suitable boat email us with your details and we will endeavor to link you up with a participating skipper and vessel.


Want to help out in Broome, the Kimberley coast or Fremantle to help us make this a great event for all? Email us now with your location and details - we would love to include you in this exciting event!.

Supporters and Sponsors

Check out our supporters and sponsors page and contact us to find out more about the benefits of supporting this positive community event.


Kimberley Sailing and the Kimberley Regatta are not for profit, but we have to cover the costs of providing this service to the boating community and the Kimberley coast, if you can help please contact us.



Kimberley Regatta 2011

The Australian and international boating community are invited to participate in the Kimberley Regatta.

A unique opportunity to explore the extraordinary Kimberley coast - one of Australia’s most spectacular marine tourism destinations.

Supporters and Sponsors

Read about the great organisations, businesses and individuals who are making this positive promotion of the Kimberley coast possible.

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The Kimberley Coast
What makes the Kimberley coast unique as one of the last true wilderness coastlines?

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