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UPDATE - Dear supporter/participant, Kimberley Sailing Inc. management team regrets to inform you that plans for the Inaugural Kimberley Regatta 2011 have had to be withdrawn. It was great to see so many people showing interest and registering for the event. Read more on our front page 1

Participating yachts from the Perth region will depart Fremantle WA at 1100hrs on May 1st 2011. Eastern states and overseas participants can leave on their chosen dates, provided that they arrive in Broome WA by May 20th 2011, WA participants North of the Perth region are invited to join the fleet as we pass your home port. Up to 50 sail and motor yachts are expected to participate in the Kimberley Regatta 2011.

Fremantle to Broome

The Kimberley Regatta is a celebration of not only the Kimberley coast but also of the cruising lifestyle. We have deliberately left a 20 day arrival to departure window for the Western Australian fleet so you will have time up your sleeve to visit some of western Australia’s archipelagos and remote ports.

We encourage participants to visit the Abrohlos Islands. The Abrohlos islands are the closest archipelago to the Perth metropolitan area. Only a few days sail north, you will be greeted by a stunning diversity of marine life and crystal clear waters. Extreme caution is required when navigating the reef systems surrounding the island groups. Up to date charts, an auxiliary engine and good coastal navigation skills are an asset in these waters.

The Exmouth Gulf is a fantastic place to take a rest for a couple of days. This enormous safe harbour provides the cruising yachtsman with calm waters and protection from all prevailing winds. It is also the access point for the Ningaloo Reef, a huge inshore reef system providing some of the best shore based diving and fishing in Australia. Exmouth is also only a day or so sail from another of Western Australia’s cruising destinations, the Montebello Islands, Barrow island and the Dampier Archipelago. Although the Montebello’s are a stunning island group. They have been subject to intensely destructive activities over time and caution is to be taken in some area’s due to radiation on some of the islands, Also shipping movements servicing Barrow Islands LNG facility can be a hazard to cruising vessels.

From the Island groups of the Pilbara region, you can then cruise to Broome offshore from the seemingly endless Eighty Mile Beach or if time is on your side, another quick jaunt offshore to the world renowned dive site, the Rowley Shoals. The Rowley Shoals is a unique group of Remote coral cays supporting a diverse world of marine wildlife in an environment where the only visible land barely rises above the Indian Ocean swells. Be aware that Rowley Shoals is a marine park and some restrictions apply and anchoring within the park is not permitted - mooring buoys can be booked - download brochure with more information and contact details here.

Activities on arrival in the Kimberley

Arriving in Broome prior to May 15, you will be greeted with a great safe anchorage off Gantheume Point – Cable Beach. Kimberley Sailing Inc. is arranging a series of Broome based events as well as culture, heritage and nature based expeditions to the seemingly untouched coast of the Dampier Peninsula and further afield as far as the incredible Horizontal Falls. Participants will also be invited to attend some Broome’s social calendar events such as the Environs Kimberley Art Auction, Staircase to the Moon, and the Kimberley Whale Festival.

Events will be ongoing throughout the Kimberley tourism season, so Participants of the Kimberley Regatta are able to explore the incredible Buccaneer Archipelago and other amazing attractions at your own pace between events.

As the fleet is arriving at the beginning of the dry season, participants are invited to make their stay in the Kimberley as long or as short as they like as you do not need to worry about the cyclone season arriving for at least another 5 months. You can relax without a worry in the world, or incorporate the Kimberley Regatta into an exciting lap of Australia, Darwin return, or Indian Ocean adventure!

Your responsibilities is a not for profit group and all participants are expected to fund their own cruise. All participating vessels are expected to be of seaworthy condition and capable of offshore cruising. All yachts are to have able Skipper and crew as you will be taking part in the Kimberley Regatta 2011 at your own risk. You will need your own insurance and while we can provide advice and assistance all participants must take full responsibility for the safety of their boat and crew.

Pleasure Craft information for Broome port is available here.

Funding your trip

Participants are encouraged to find creative ways to raise funds for their trip, as this not only will help to relieve any financial pressures of your trip, but also helps to promote the Kimberley Regatta 2011 to your broader community!

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Kimberley Regatta 2011

The Australian and international boating community are invited to participate in the Kimberley Regatta.

A unique opportunity to explore the extraordinary Kimberley coast - one of Australia’s most spectacular marine tourism destinations.

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