The Kimberley Coast - One of the world's last great wilderness coastlines

The Kimberley coast - home to spectacular vistas, a last refuge for rare and endangered wildlife and one of the most un-spoilt and exciting boating destinations remaining in the world.

According to published scientific studies this coastline can be compared only with the Arctic and Antarctic in terms of level of human impact – and fortunately for us it is far more accessible (and warm!).

Diverse and spectacular habitats

The Kimberley coast is one of the longest wilderness coastlines in the world - home to a range of coastal features, habitats and thousands of islands.  From the distinctive towering red cliffs to the protected mangrove lined bays to the largest inshore coral reef systems in the world – the Kimberley is a diverse as it is spectacular.

Special species

The Kimberley coast is home, breeding grounds and nursery for the largest remaining population of humpback whales left on the planet. A population which has recovered well from the end of whaling when an estimated 600 individuals remained, to now number around 20,000 – largely due to the (thus far) isolated, clean and safe waters of their Kimberley nursery area.

Other special species include marine turtles and five of the World's 6 species can be seen in the Kimberley, an important nesting and feeding area. The snubfin dolphin is Austalia’s own dolphin – found nowhere else in the world – and only recently recognised by science - the Kimberley is crucial habitat.

The Kimberley is a coral reef province of world significance and the diversity of species in the region has already eclipsed the diversity found at Ningaloo reef and, as studies continue, looks likely to exceed even that of the Great Barrier reef.

Seagrass beds are home to dugong, while turtles feed in the incredible offshore sponge gardens. Fish species abound and the profile of the Kimberley as a world class catch-and-release game fishing destination is on the rise and rise.

Something for everyone

Whether relaxing day trips from the luxury of a Broome resort, or expeditions to remote waters and secluded tourism accommodation and attractions are your thing the Kimberley environment has something for everyone. The environment of the Kimberley is every bit as spectacular, vast and important as places like the Great Barrier Reef or the Amazon region and the economic potential of sustainable tourism and the legacy of this special place for our children, our county and our planet make the Kimberley environment an outstanding jewel in nature's crown. An outstanding place and a globally significant oppertunity to ensure this vast natural environment is protected for all.


Concerns for the future

There are a number of sustainable industries operating on the Kimberley coast such as marine tourism and pearling aquaculture that rely on the clean and unspoilt nature of the Kimberley. These businesses generally operate in harmony with the environment of this world-class attraction, and provide employment and opportunity for the local community. However many local businessess are concerned about the impacts of some proposed developments on the tourism industry and are coming together to help ensure this region of natural wonder and environmentally sustainable economic opportunity is protected for the future, and not squandered for the short term profit of multinational companies. Read more about the threats and the opportunities for you to help protect the Kimberley here.

Photos: Middle - Australia's own snubfin dolphin (c) Guido J Parra, Top - South Irvine island, one of the thousands of Kimberley islands, Bottom - Loggerhead turtles (c) Jenita Enevoldsen


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The Kimberley Coast
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