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Media Release 31 August 2010:

Tourism Report questions Industrial plans

Kimberley Sailing Inc. was invited to attend the official launch of a report commissioned by The Wilderness Society, Environs Kimberley and the Conservation Council of Western Australia, investigating sustainable tourism opportunities and threats in the Kimberley.

The report by Dr Michael Hughes. Senior Research Fellow, Curtin Sustainable Tourism Centre, titled ‘Kimberley Whale Coast Tourism’ was launched in Kings Park, Perth this morning by Dr Michael Hughes. Senior Research Fellow, Curtin Sustainable Tourism Centre.

Kimberley Sailing Inc. Was pleased to see the report presented a significant focus on marine tourism in the Kimberley. The report delivered a finding that Broome has a great opportunity to further expand marine tourism in the West Kimberley, provided that the natural assets of the area remain. The report identifies the key aspects of the Kimberley tourism ‘brand’ and outlines all aspects and related features of how the Kimberley identifies itself as one of Australia’s greatest tourism destinations. The report found that large industrial sites such as the State Governments proposed Browse LNG Precinct would have a huge negative impact both the existing West Kimberley tourism sector and would inhibit any future expansion of tourism related industries in the region. It found that there is a much greater regional economic return on investment in the tourism sector than in resource related industries, and the region is already boasting a tourism industry worth over $630million per annum.

Kimberley Sailing Inc. Spokesperson Dane Griffen believes that ‘with a relatively low cost government investment in low impact infrastructure in Broometo support a growing marine tourism industry, the region will see a massive increase in sustainable and ongoing economic growth’ “There is room for tourism to expand in the Kimberley. And a dollar spent in the tourism sector in the region is a dollar that stays in the region”. Tourism also provides an opportunity for much broader and longer term employment opportunities whilst having an extremely minimal, and easily managed environmental impact.

The Report is available free to download online. Download Report Here

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