Supporters and Sponsors

UPDATE - Dear supporter/participant, Kimberley Sailing Inc. management team regrets to inform you that plans for the Inaugural Kimberley Regatta 2011 have had to be withdrawn. It was great to see so many people showing interest and registering for the event. Read more on our front page

Kimberley Sailing has recently began inviting foundation supporters and sponsors, if you have not yet received an invitation to become a supporter of the Kimberley Regatta 2011 then contact us to register your interest. We need financial support, in kind support, discounts for participants in exchange for promotion of your business and relevant fundraising raffle prizes. Thank you.

We are also seeking a major sponsor who will be offered benefits including event naming rights, broad web site, media, boat and sail logo exposure and extensive promotion via our networking and promotion avenues.

Kimberley Whale Watching is an independent Broome based research group which has been studying the distribution and behavior of these magnificent Kimberley Whales since 2006, building a database of whale distribution and a film and photographic library of whales, whale behavior and tail fluke photos for identification purposes. Visit their web site


An independent photographic business that is available to capture the essence of the Kimberley and Pilbara. Rod Hartvigsen formed Murranji Photography in 2002. His photographic work is sought after by Photographic Art Collectors, Corporate Bodies, tourists and the local community. His work also appears in many local and national publications, advertisements and multi-media presentations. Corporate, Commercial and Tourism Operators also use Rod's flair for capturing the feel of this unique region of Australia. Visit their web site

With a wealth of skills and experience, together with carefully chosen equipment and instruction Kimberley Kayak Fishing ensure that anyone from beginners to competent paddlers will find themselves enjoying an experience like no other. Our single and double kayaks are incredibly stable and easy to paddle and all fishing and safety equipment is supplied. Kimberley Kayak Fishing are fully licensed, accredited, eco certified and insured and follow minimal impact and sustainable practices, you will enjoy an ocean experience that few have ever known. Visit their web site

Red Dirt

Photographer Nigel Gaunt formed Red Dirt Photography based in Broome, North Western Australia, in 2002 and specialises in landscapes and fine art Photography. Nigel also runs photographic tours and anticipates running a special tour for Kimberley Regatta participants. Visit their web site

Australian Marinas Guide, the Definitive Guide to Australian Marinas. The only boating directory that lists every Australian marina, providing an invaluable resource for boat owners. We've included every marina in Australia, plus safe harbours, few dry stacks and swing mooring facilities where conventional marinas don't exist. Visit their web site

2Turtle Island Restoration Network (TIRN) is an international nonprofit environmental organization based in California that fights to protect endangered sea turtles in ways that make cultural and economic sense to the communities that share the beaches and waters with these gentle creatures. Our Forgotten Flat back campaign seeks to generate international support for the protection of Australian flat back sea turtles in the Kimberley and Western Australia. Visit their web site

1Fishers For Conservation Inc. (FFC) is an Australian based non-profit incorporated association educating, supporting and representing recreational fishers. Fishers For Conservation supports sustainable fishing and protection for marine, freshwater and coastal environments. It is our experience that the vast majority of recreational fishers have a strong appreciation for the beauty and value of the places they go fishing. FFC was formed to educate and inform recreational fishers of the need to protect our fragile environments to ensure that today's and future generations can enjoy the experience of fishing, sustain ably, responsibly and with care. Visit their web site


Kimberley Regatta 2011

The Australian and international boating community are invited to participate in the Kimberley Regatta.

A unique opportunity to explore the extraordinary Kimberley coast - one of Australia’s most spectacular marine tourism destinations.

Supporters and Sponsors

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The Kimberley Coast
What makes the Kimberley coast unique as one of the last true wilderness coastlines?

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